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Academic Membership

Academic Members

The ICCS is open to and welcomes all types of individual members and is suited to Irish, Swedish and international business people seeking to build their network in Sweden and to connect with others involved in trade between Ireland and Sweden. Academic members are defined as such:

  1. Individuals who are active Students at an accredited Swedish educational institution

  2. Either Irish by birth or have an Irish parent or have studied in Ireland for more than one semester.

  3. Other (on a case by case basis).

The Needs of Academic Members

The Chamber has identified the following as benefits that the Chamber can provide to Academic members:

  1. Networking in Sweden for career opportunities/career development/ problem solving or finding job opportunities

  2. Advice about business culture in Sweden - understanding company structures, protecting intellectual property rights, etc.

  3. Expat connection with Ireland - maintaining or creating a connection with Ireland

Services for Academic Members

ICCS Services are broken into three categories:

  1. Event-based - formal or informal gatherings for members

  2. Knowledge-based - more often through informal networking at events, one-to-one contact between individual members, or through knowledge based events focused specific industry areas

  3. Network-based - one-on-one mentorship

The following table summarises the services on offer, with more details on the other pages in this section.

Payment for Services

The ICCS is a voluntary organisation which does not get paid for its services other than via membership fees (which are designed to cover operational costs). For this reason the services described here are provided solely if and when the Chamber chooses to. The Chamber is not obligated to provide a specific service to a specific member. Paid-up membership is a requirement for these services. Members are permitted to provide additional paid-for consultancy outside the constraints of the Chamber if they so choose, all of which is entirely unaffiliated with the Chamber.

For Academic members with a valid Student credential from a recognised educational institution, the Chamber provides a free membership.
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