Membership of the Chamber provides access to the knowledge and experience of the Chamber and to the network of the Members themselves. Members of the Chamber include experienced representatives of a wide range of industries such as Internet, Construction, Food & Drinks, Telecoms, Retail, Finance, Health and more.

A range of benefits are available to both Individual and Corporate Members.



The Chamber offers access to business professionals involved in or seeking to be involved in trade between Ireland and Sweden.

The Chamber can assist in introducing Members to other Members and to non-Members the Chamber is connected to.

To facilitate the development of the business interests of its Members, the Chamber organises networking events and operates closed online Member-only forums.

In addition, the Chamber can assist in the setup and running of an event which Members may wish to organise.

KNowledge Sharing

The Chamber operates topic-specific events designed to facilitate knowledge sharing between Members. In addition the Chamber shares relevant news and updates to its Members, such as regulatory updates, industry-specific news, updates on business in Ireland and Sweden, and so on.

Members are encouraged to organise additional knowledge-sharing workshops, such as experts within the Chamber hosting a seminar on a topic. Examples include:

  • Accounting in Sweden for small businesses
  • Smart Manufacturing
  • Data Centre construction



The Chamber offers both individual and corporate Members a range of opportunities for self-promotion, such as:

  • Event sponsorship
  • Speaking opportunities
  • Advertising on the Chamber's website




Members often ask the Chamber to provide advice on topics such as business establishment, strategy and more.

The Chamber endeavours to provide advice free of charge to its Members. In select cases, Members have the opportunity to avail of paid-for professional consultancy.