Corporate Membership

Types of Corporate Members
The primary proactive focus of the ICCS is Irish companies wishing to establish and/or grow their presence in Sweden, but the ICCS is open to all corporate members, including:

  • Irish companies wishing to establish and/or grow their presence in Sweden

  • Swedish companies offering services to Irish companies establishing themselves in Sweden (e.g. legal, accounting…)

  • Swedish companies wishing to establish themselves in Ireland

  • Other (e.g. cultural associations).

Complementing Enterprise Ireland
The primary focus of the state body Enterprise Ireland (EI) in Stockholm is also on Irish companies wishing to establish themselves in Sweden. However EI is not in a position to offer support to all those who request it. Without the Chamber such businesses would have nowhere to turn to. resourced to handle the volume of businesses looking for help, nor can they provide the breadth and depth of local hands-on knowledge and experience available from our members.

The Chamber works closely with EI and every attempts is made to provide and option for businesses who with to ensure a source of good advice and expertise not only when they first start to evaluate Sweden, but also throughout the course of the company’s business in this country.  The Chamber is not only a formal body and network to turn to for advice and direction and one that can, if necessary facilitate formal consulting arrangements, but also acts as a social platform and meeting place for Irish Professionals.  The Chamber should be seen as a complement to, but not a substitute for official state bodies.

Core Value Proposition for Corporate Members
We provide quick and simple access to a wide-reaching commercial network of experienced professionals with unlimited access for the Corporate Member’s employees to all Chamber events for 4550 SEK per year.

The Needs of Corporate Members
The Chamber has identified the following primary needs of Irish businesses seeking to establish themselves in Sweden:

  • Introductions in Sweden - to support services ( & commercial introductions

  • Advice about business culture in Sweden - ways of working, experiences and more

  • Learning about business in Sweden - facts, PEST, etc.

These needs form the basis for the suite of services the Chamber offers for Corporates.

Services for Corporate Members
Our Services are broken into three categories

  • Events - usually involves gatherings of many members

  • Knowledge - more often 1:1 meetings

  • Network - usually introductions and participation-based

The following table summarises the services on offer, with more details on the other pages in this section.

Payment for Services

The ICCS is a voluntary organization which does not get paid for its services other than via membership fees (which are designed to cover operational costs). For this reason the services described here are provided solely if and when the Chamber chooses to. The Chamber is not obligated to provide a specific service to a specific member. Paid-up membership is a requirement for these services. Members are permitted to provide additional paid-for consultancy outside the constraints of the Chamber if they so choose, all of which is entirely unaffiliated with the Chamber.
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